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Why ‘Weight’?

07/12/09 – 4,240
Good morning!

I fell short of doing over 5,500 steps yesterday.  I am ok with it though.  I have a bad foot, so I did not walk.  I DID go to the pool twice this weekend, and am actually sore from working out in the water so that is good.  I am moving more these days then I have moved in a long time, AND I am aware too.

It still floors me that I am going to the pool and hanging out.  I am so happy that I made the decision to just go, and not wait until I am thin.  I would be missing such a great experience.  I just read an article about worry the struggle of losing weight.  So many people ‘wait’ until they lose weight before they do the things they want to do. I know I am guilty of that.  Just think if I died tomorrow, I would not have missed the joy I have at the pool AND with a GREAT tan!  LOL!  Seriously, (as if death is not serious LOL) this experience has taught me to enjoy what I want to enjoy in life – TODAY – and not wait until………… whatever.

“A man is about as happy as he chooses to be.” – Abraham Lincoln (That goes for women too)

AffirMINTion: I am choosing to be happy today, to live my life, fully, no matter what my circumstance is.

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