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Keep Stepping – Steady as The Mint!

07/15/09 – 7,123

Good morning

Well now, that is a much better number.  Maybe a little hare sneaked into my shoes yesterday!  I am on a good roll this morning too as I am about 3,500 already this morning.  It was a nice walk this morning even though my over achiever friend, and partner in crime was not there.  I made a decision this morning that I need to walk at least three miles a day, or 6,000 steps.  I really want to make 10,000 steps consistently by the end of the summer and that is fast approaching.

There are brief moments when I feel like I am moving too slow, and that I am making too little progress.  I get frustrated that things are not happening fast enough, until today, I came across an old Chinese Proverb.

“Do not be afraid of going slowly; be afraid of only standing still.”

OK, so I am holding on to that.  I might go backwards one day, but at least I am not standing still.  I guess if you remain focused and comMINTed, the times that you DO go backwards, are really opportunities to learn, change, improve, in order to get you moving in the right direction towards your goals. I guess you are never moving backwards as long as you are moving.  Does it make sense to you?

AffirMINTion:  Each day, each step that I take, moves me closer to my goal!

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