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One Mint’s Journey

07/16/09 – 6,241

Good morning!

I did not walk this morning and I swear my brain is not working as well.  I will have to step it up today. I am noticing some things about this journey that I am on right now.  The first is that I feel better when I walk in the morning (note to self: remember this when you are in your nice cozy bed).  Second, I am actually enjoying this journey; although, I am not quite sure what to call it right now.  Is it a journey to get healthy (or just to look good enough to get on the dating circuit LOL); a journey of endurance (there are days that I feel like I am in boot camp with myself LOL) or a journey to hone my writing skills. It is probably a way for me to make stronger bonds with family and friends (or with Mintdom, I guess I am bonding with the world LOL).

Yesterday’s Chinese Proverb takes on a new meaning for me today (“Do not be afraid of going slowly, be afraid of standing still”). Obviously, I am not so focused one specific goal.  My focus is on the journey, and not the goal; I guess I am on a journey of self-discovery, and if that is the case, I am enjoying the trip.  What sort of journey are you on today?

Post your thoughts here – I would love to read them!

I hope you have a Minty fresh day today, wherever your journey takes you.

Life is good!

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