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The Mint and the Fox

All this walking and getting in shape is sure bringing a lot of growth opportunities and challenges.  One of my challenges is that I am having pedometer issues.  I am in the habit of putting on my pedometer every day, but lately, when I sit – the dang thing resets itself. I tried reading it before I sit down in case it resets, and I add the numbers up at the end of the day.  I have tried wearing two pedometers and comparing (of course I always go with the higher number LOL).  Yesterday, I forgot to look and at noon, the pedometer read 113 steps.  Now, I know that I did not walk yesterday morning but I can stay home and walk more then that! I came up with a new solution.  Each time I sit down, I take the pedometer off and put it on my desk.  That DID work for most of the day; however, at the end of the day, I left it there. I am looking for a solution. I am getting a little frustrated so if any of you fitness buffs have suggestions, please post them here.

Jeepers!  Getting into shape can be hazardous to your health.  This morning I was walking in my neighborhood (I have two miles in already, yeah!) and at the end of the street that I was walking on, I saw something move.  Was it a cat?  Was it a dog?  Was it superman?  No, it was a fox!  I stopped in my tracks.  The fox stopped too, and we looked at each other.  Are foxes like dogs; they might attack if you show fear? I made the decision to turn around and walk the other way.  I turned around to make sure the fox was not following me and it had turned around and walked the other direction too!  Maybe it was just as nervous as I was, though I doubt it! LOL!  I suppose I need to start carrying something bigger then a cell phone and an mp3 player!

Ok, those are my current challenges.  I am sure I will work them out.

As Charles Swindoll says, “I am convinced that life is 10 percent what happens to you, and ninety percent how I react to it.” “And so it is with you…we are in charge of our own attitudes.”

My journey into health is good, with lots of challenges and growth opportunities! It is a GREAT day to be here and a GREAT day to be alive!

AffirMINTion:  I choose healthy, supportive, and nourishing reactions.

Have a GREAT day, IF you choose to!

Life is good!

4 thoughts on “The Mint and the Fox”

  1. I think that you should contact a pedometer company and have them sponsor you and make a little money. If they read about your adventures – they will jump on this. That is my solution – let the pedometer people come up with the answer to your problem!

    1. That is a GREAT idea! It is much better then the idea I got from someone who said that I should stand all day! LOL!

  2. Humph! Speaking of hazardus walks! I’m an expert at it since 2 winters in a row
    at O-dark-30 – I’ve slipped and fallen on the ice and cracked my noggin good. If you remember the first time – as we were living together – I came through the door and broke down in tears, didn’t make too much sense verbally, and you nursed me back to health. A year later when I slipped on the ice out front, I got back up and as I walked back into my foyer, looked in the mirror – and was shocked to see my white scarf soaked with blood. (my first thought was that I looked like someone in a horror movie)Of course the first person I thought of was you and called (seeing how you were so experienced) and you dropped everything and rushed over, salted my walkway, called the paramedics, and stayed with me the entire day to make sure I’d live to see another. (you even cleaned my favorite scarf which Mom made for me!) They say the third time is a charm, but one and two slippery falls were pretty good to me and I’m quite satisfied thank you very much. So be careful as the weather changes and thanks for being my Mint-Hero! xo

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