Good Morning!, Health and Fitness

Doing the Mint Push!

07/22/09 – 7,221

Good morning

Yesterday was good for steps!  I hope today is even better.  I am trying to push my boundaries a little bit.  Instead of driving to the club, I am walking; although, today was a tenuous as there were rain clouds moving towards me.  I thought about it for a minute, decided that I could keep my cell phone dry, and that as sweet as I am, I would not melt, and headed out.  Not only did I walk up to the club instead of driving, I actually went the long way up and the long way home!  Honestly, I am not bragging, I just want to relay to you how good it feels when I push out of my comfort zone and if *I* can walk the long way to the club, (push myself) you can too!  I am telling you; it was not too long ago (like a couple of months) that I had a difficult time walking around my block!  I saw people walking around (not even in tennis shoes) my neighborhood, and envied them.  Now I am beginning to do the same thing!

“Your current safe boundaries were once unknown frontiers.” -Author Unknown

What boundaries are between you and YOUR dreams?  I KNOW that you have the strength and stamina to push those boundaries a little today.  You do not have to knock them down with a bulldozer.  Just gently push them each day.  When I started, my average steps each day was 4,369.  That was a little over a month ago; today it is higher.

AffirMINTion:  I already possess the strength and stamina to achieve my dreams.

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