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July 25, 2009 – A MoMINTous Day!

07/24/09 – 4,571

07/25/09 – 15,796!!!!!

Good evening!

OMG!  Yesterday was an awesome day.  It was the first day that my steps reached over 10,000, and it was an amazing and record for me; however, it was not the best part of my day.  The best part of my day was sharing it with my family, and friends to celebrate the wedding of my nephew and now my new niece.  One of my favorite moments was during the ceremony the bride started tearing up.  The groom notice right away, reached into his pocket, and handed her a hankie. A small gesture maybe; however, it is not surprising that the groom was focused on his bride instead of himself as that is the way he is in their life, which to me, is huge!

Not only was it a spectacular party with all the trimmings that you can imagine; it was the love of this beautiful, young couple shown through them and their family and friends.  From the grandparents, right down to the great grandchildren, love was in abundance from the minute you walked into the garden until the last guest left.  People came from all over the country and from Sweden and Germany to celebrate this couple’s love.  It was such a love fest!

Yesterday was moMINTous, and one that I will remember as the day that I first walked over 10,000 steps and the start of a beautiful life for my handsome nephew and lovely niece.

Jeff and Erin Wedding 014

Life is good!

1 thought on “July 25, 2009 – A MoMINTous Day!”

  1. What a wedding and congratulations Deb on going over 15,000 – hey I think you should invite others to send in their steps – have your own competition – maybe for the month of August – Gretta who??? you can do your own thing:)

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