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Minty Choices!

7/28/09 – 8,922

Good morning!

I had a good step day yesterday.  I walked in the morning and I walked in the evening too!  I think if I walk a little longer twice a day, I can make the 10,000 steps that ‘they’ recommend.  GyMINTY Crickets – I wish ‘they’ would recommend 5,000 steps a day – then I would be ahead of the game almost every day!  LOL!

6:00 am

It was raining this morning so I went to the gym.  I was there this morning before 6:00 am.   Yikes – what is happening to me?  Am I turning into an exercise Mint?  Whatever is happening to me, I like it.  I am happy with my choice to focus on my health.  I SO appreciate you and all my friends for the support you have given me since I started this last round a couple of months ago.  I believe that I am finally making permanent changes in my life and I can actually live with these changes!

In June, I stopped walking on the treadmill and started walking outside.  As I said, today, I went to the gym to walk on the treadmill, and guess who was there.  No one was there!  I know it was early, but still – no one????  Perhaps they would come later.  I hope so.  I cannot tell you how much this has relieved the stress in my life, and how much better I feel.

alone at gym

Zig Ziglar said, “You are free to choose, but the choices you make today will determine what you will have, be, and do in the tomorrows of your life.”

I know that I tend to look at these quotes a lot of times with my eye on business, but today, I am looking at it with an eye on all areas of my life, and in particular with my health program.  What kind of choices are you making today?  How will those choices determine your tomorrow?  Please feel free to share your thoughts here!

Make it a GREAT day, IF you choose to!

Life is good!

1 thought on “Minty Choices!”

  1. I asked several people one time how do you define success? I received a lot of great answers one of the things my Dad mentioned was discipline which really comes down to choices. Every day we are faced with many choices – Deb you are making great choices in your health and I am very proud of you – I also like your choice of sharing because you are inspirational so as the The Mint tag line goes – Make it a GREAT day if you choose to and thanks for making ours!

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