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An Unexpected Death

08/13/09 – 5,109

08/14/09 – 7,568

08/15/09 – ?,??? (Left pedometer in Maryland)

Good morning Mintdom

It was a sudden, unexpected death – she was only 32 years old.  She was the mom of my daughter’s stepson.  How do you tell an 8-year-old boy that is mommy died; for my son-in-law, it was to surround him with people that love him (including his 8-year old twin-stepsister); get down on his knees, look him in the eye, and say, “Your mommy passed away last night” and then, hug him, and allow others to do the same.  When they got in the car, this precious little boy says, “You mean my mommy died?”

This is a very sad time for my family, but in every hard time, there is good if you look for it.  I cannot tell you how proud I am of the way my daughter and son-in-law have handled things. From the beginning, they have included the other side of the family even though there is a strong rift. They recognize the loss of their daughter, sister, grandparents, and are doing their best to keep that in mind when making decisions.  Their biggest priority is their son and getting him through this loss.

I am proud too of my other children, my family, and my friends who have made themselves available for anything from helping out with unexpected expenses, chores, errands, and most of all moral support.  The love that is enveloping this family is phenomenal; and although, you can find good in all of this, his life and theirs will never be the same.

As you can see, I struggled for a few days to write this. My heart is overwhelmed with a whole range of emotions. My mind is overwhelmed with so many thoughts, that I am unable to hold on to one for any length of time.  All I can say right now, is to hold tight to your loved ones.  Call someone you have been meaning to call; write to someone you have been thinking about; visit someone you haven’t seen in a while; and hug the ones that are close right now, because you never know when someone might be looking into your eyes and saying……..

The Weaver

My life is but a weaving

Between my Lord and me,

I cannot choose the colors

He worketh steadily.

Oftimes he weaveth sorry,

And I in foolish pride

Forget He sees the upper

And I, the underside.

Not til the loom is silent

And the shuttles cease to fly

Shall God unroll the canvas

And explain the reason why.

The dark threads are as needful

In the Weaver’s skillful hand

As the threads of gold and silver

In the pattern He has planned

~ Author Unknown ~

6 thoughts on “An Unexpected Death”

  1. Amazing your words. My prayers are with your family at this difficult time. Life and death are so precious. I myself wonder at times do we truly in all depth of our understanding realize how precious life is, and what a gift we have been given.

    1. I know.. we really need to learn to make every day and every minute count – thanks for the good thoughts

  2. Deborah – thank you for such a beautiful sentiment this morning. I am so proud of you! Patsi, Dallas, Illiona and Trent are so lucky to have you!

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