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08/19/09 – 2,685

Good morning Mintdom!

Yesterday, I got a new pedoMINTer. Yikes!  I think that number is the kind of number that I started with on  It only takes a minute to lose momentum.  Never fear though – I was back at the gym a little bit after 5:00 this morning!  I have almost doubled that number today already.  I could have stayed a lot longer, but the coffee and Mintdom was calling me!  I can already feel the difference in my mind and my spirit.  So… now, I am back!  Did you all miss me?

I have to tell you that writing this blog every day is an amazing experience for me.  I KNOW without a doubt, that sharing my challenges and successes with you holds me accountable. Without you I, double I would have been at the gym this morning; it was dark and very hot. I really would have preferred to stay in my bed, and my air-conditioned home. You are one of the big reasons that I stay on track, even though I do not see any changes in the way I look.

Another thing that helps me stay on track is something Nancy said to me when I first began working with her.  She said, “I am responsible for everything in our lives.”  It came from the book, “The Success Principles” by Jack Canfield. I argued with her about it.  How can that be?  What about when a sudden illness, death, or an act of God happens?  I just could not get my arms around it.  That was over 4 years ago and I understand it now.  For the past couple of days, that statement keeps rolling around in my head. I now believe it also, and believing it, this principle is freeing because I know no matter what happens in my life, how I deal with it that makes a difference. I see it in big events like how my daughter and her husband are dealing with the sudden death of his son’s mother.  I see it in small events like the loss of a pedoMINTer and in all events and situations in between.  I might not be responsible for a tornado hitting my home; however, I AM responsible for how I deal with it.  Knowing that I am responsible moves me into action. Go to to sign up for Jack Canfield’s FREE 21-day online mentorship course.

Are there things that you do in your life that help you stay motivated?  Do you agree with the statement, “I am responsible for everything in my life”?  Please share your thoughts here on  I think that the quote for today carries this theme even farther.  What do you think?

“If you haven’t the strength to impose your own terms upon life, you must accept the terms it offers you.” –T.S. Eliot

AffirMINTion:  I am responsible for my life.  I seize the day and all that it offers!

Make it a GREAT day, IF you choose to.

Life is good!

4 thoughts on “Sharing Mintdom”

  1. Deb – thanks for the plug – ha – no seriously. I do think it is important to take responsiblity for our actions and lives. I also think there is so much that happens that is out of our control and the key is to look for the good. I believe attiude is so important. I also try to focus on my acitvities and not the results meaning If I do good and do the right things in life and if others do not like it or do not like me I can not worry about it. I can not control every situation nor would I want to. I have a lot faith and believe in people – Love is what makes the world go around and thank you for all the love you pour out in Mintdom!

  2. I agree with The Mint & Nancy! You make your own luck! That is a quote that many do not like. So are you saying if I have bad luck it’s my fault, they ask? I believe that everything does happen for a reason and when bad things happen, it’s how you deal with them. That’s what you can control and that’s who makes us who we are. We all have things happen that we don’t like and have tough times, but how we respond to these things and what we learn from them, is what makes us who we are! You get what you give in life and all you can do is the right thing and you can’t control others actions. Deborah, you do a great job on this email each morning and I think I can speak for all the readers in that – we appreciate it! 🙂

  3. OK – Here is The Mints fathers comments – it is a no wonder The Mint is so positive she gets positive reinforcement still from her Mint Father – and she is _____ years old – Ha – see below especially the signature – Congratulations on your continuous renewal efforts. You’ve got a great attitude.

    I want to report to you that your brand of motherhood has flourished recently. This was abundantly obvious in the way to responded to the death of Trent’s mother. Patsi and Dallas were extremely appreciative of your attention and help. Michael and Kelly also made you proud by being there for Patsi and lending a helping hand with the house and chores.

    So your Mintdom message today was especially appropriate.

    Love, Dad
    Not from Blackberry
    From Bemidjiberry
    240 miles north of Mint’eapolis

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