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I Love Zig Ziglar & The Mint!

08/27/09 – 3,574

Good morning Mintdom!

Yesterday had a VERY low step count.  No excuses, I did not move much yesterday except in my chair!  OK, I refuse to think badly about myself so, Michelle; you will be happy to know that I took your advice and gave myself a break yesterday!  In our office, we cannot talk badly about ourselves.  Words are powerful; they can do two things – hurt or help, even when talking about ourselves – ESPECIALLY when we talk about ourselves.  If you really pay attention to what you say to yourself, you would be amazed.  Would you say the same things to your friends or family members that you love?  My sister, Nancy started an exercise to help with this a few years ago.  If we hear negative self-talk from one of us in the office, we say, “Boing, boing.”  There used to be a lot of boing, boinging in the beginning, but it has slowed way down as we all became aware of the way we spoke.  The result for me is that my self-esteem has grown rapidly. I KNOW that it has helped my job performance, enabled me to do things that I would never have thought I could do (like joining Toastmasters), and even starting Mintdom!  In fact, I do everything better, since I started that exercise.

“Positive thinking will not work for the individual who is negative about himself.”

-Zig Ziglar.

“Positive thinking will let you do everything better than negative thinking will.”

-Zig Ziglar

Try this exercise in your own home and office for 30 days.  I promise it will help!  Zig Ziglar did not get where he is today by being negative, and if I want the success that Zig Ziglar enjoys, I will do what he does!

Today, I am committing to 6,000 steps.  I KNOW that I can do it.

If you love Zig Ziglar’s style, and are interested in personal development – visit his site at  It is also a GREAT resource for inspiration.

AffirMINTion:  I talk to myself the same way that I talk to my best friend, because I love both of us!

Make it a GREAT day, IF you choose to!

Life is good!

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