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Julie&Julia & The Mint!

09/01/09 – 7,854

Food Journal – Yes

White Food – No (1 1/2 bruschetta, 40 mini snowcaps)

Good morning Mintdom!

Yesterday was a moMINTous day in addition to being my sister Becky’s birthday.  I had ah ‘ha ha’ moment when I saw the number of steps I made.  I was only 2,146 steps from reaching 10,000. If I had gone out and walked just a little last night when I got home from the movies, I would have done my 10,000-step goal.  My ‘ah ha’ moment is that, that goal IS reachable!  All I have to do is walk in the morning, maybe go to the store or some place like that, and then walk after I get home from work!  I was all ready for bed when I had it, but I am going to shoot for it today!  I am so excited AND I am telling you now, if *I* can do this, YOU can do this too.  I mean there was a time, not so long ago, that I could not even make it around the block!  This is progress!  <Jumping up and down with glee>

“Find something you’re passionate about and keep tremendously interested in it.”

-Julia Child

I saw the movie, Julie & Julia last night.  It was good.  I was thinking that I should write a Julie & Julia & The Mint blog but, although I like to cook, it is not my passion so it probably would not work.  Thinking a little further though, my passion is certainly not exercising or walking either, although they ARE growing on me.  I think my passion is learning and becoming a close second is writing to all of you through Mintdom!  I can so relate to Julie when she got her first comment from someone that she did not know!  It is equally exciting to receive notes from people telling me that they decided to wear a pedometer, or to start moving more, or to keep a food journal.  That totally psyches me up and I can see myself getting addicted to it.  That is a good thing.  My little issue with Julia Child’s quote is that I believe that if you are passionate about something, you WILL keep tremendously interested in it.  What is your passion?  Have you found it yet?  Sometimes a passion sneaks right up on you as it has for me.  It sure makes life interesting and full when you DO find it.  Feel free to share what your passion is, and how you found it here

AffirMINTion:  I make time for my passion

Make it a GREAT day, IF you choose to.

Life is good!

PS  You can find the Julie/Julia Project blog here and you can find Julie Powells’s current blog here (you knew that I would have to look it up!)  LOL!


4 thoughts on “Julie&Julia & The Mint!”

  1. An excellent quote — I’m going to put it in a prominent spot in my studio. MY passion is the viola. I love performing on it and teaching it. What an amazing instrument — mellow tones; rich, full sound — AHH. It just melts my heart. BUT — it is a PAIN to practice. I practice to get better — which means that when I begin a practice session, my playing is necessarily not good enough (otherwise, why would I practice?) — and that’s really really hard on my ego — AND my ears! By keeping “tremendously interested” in my passion I can overcome the aversion to practicing because the practicing itself becomes interesting. I like it!

    Well, I’m off to go practice now! Thanks Debbie! You *are* the “mint on the pillow”! :o)


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