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My Youngest Mint’s Birthday!

09/03/09 – over 8,000 steps

Food Journal – yes

White Food – yes!

10,000 welcomes

Good morning Mintdom!

This is what greeted me at the office yesterday.  I swear, I have the MOST encouraging, awesome people around me, and the creator of this welcome is my sister!  I am blessed!

Yesterday my pedometer reset itself three times!  I have gotten into the habit of checking regularly.  I looked right before the first time it reset and it was 5,000 something.  The second time was 567, and the third time it was 1,252. and it ended on 1,572.  I did not calculate the steps I missed so I am just saying over 8,000.  I am happy with that. I need to be a little more careful to pause and / or unhook it when I am doing a lot of bending.

Happy Birthday to You

Today is my youngest child, Kelly, turns 30 today.  It is so hard to believe; it seems like such a short time ago.  Kelly was born during hurricane David.  My brother Jon and my cousin Roxanne came to the hospital with my husband and me.  We thought about changing the name to David if it was a boy or Davida if it was a girl.  Wow, Kelly, you lucked out!  LOL!  Kelly was a very easy baby from the beginning.  She slept through the night on her first night home!  I used to rock her and sing to her a lot.  I sang about how beautiful she was on the outside and inside too.  Kelly is still beautiful, and she is beautiful on the inside as well.  Kelly is sweet, thoughtful of her family and her friends, smart, capable (she owns 2 businesses, and 1 full-time management job). Kelly is always there to lend a helping hand to her family and friends.  She is a lot of fun and has a GREAT sense of humor. I am proud to have Kelly for a daughter.  Her only flaw is that she is not willing to lie about her age.  I think she should say she is 21 today so people do not start calculating my age! LOL!  I love you, Kelly – Happy Birthday to you! xo xo xo xo xo

I am late writing Mintdom today because I took the day off from work for a little Staycation.  So I am off to the pool!

AffirMINTion:  I appreciate ALL the people in my life

Make it a GREAT day, IF you choose to.

Life is good!

2 thoughts on “My Youngest Mint’s Birthday!”

  1. I remember when Kelly was born too and yes so sweet and special however you missed one attriute – a talker:) I still feel guilty about this but one time she was talking so much I said Kelly lets make a bet I will give you a quarter if you can sit on the piano bench and not talk for one minute she said ok. Well Kelly started to cry because 20 seconds later she could not hold it in – oh my.
    Anyhow Deb – you know Kelly turning 30 is not about you – HA HA HA HA AHA HA HA HA HA

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