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Taking Charge of The Mint!

09/08/09 – 6,682

Food Journal – Yes

Good morning Mintdom!

I thought that I might have a 10,000-step day yesterday because I walked in the morning and I added in steps at out new office and at the grocery store.  I figured I would round it off last night after work, but that did not happen.  It shows me not to depend on getting exercise in after work because there is a chance that it will not happen.  Jeepers – this exercise stuff is difficult!  I wonder if there are people out there that set a big goal, and just sail right through it. This morning, I feel like everyone in the world just sails through his or her lives except for me. Have you ever sailed through to a big goal, and if so, how did you do it?

I am having sort of a down day today and finding it difficult to stay on track with my thoughts.  Honestly, I do not want to be in charge of me today. Oh gosh, now as I look at that sentence on the screen, I remember a time that I was not in charge of me.  For so many years, I allowed others to be in charge of my life.  I allowed others to dictate how I lived, right down to whether I answered the phone or not.  Do you see the beauty of writing down your thoughts?

As I look at that sentence, and remember how my life used to be, I know that, that is not correct for me.  It is my choice to be in charge of me, and I had to fight long and hard to get here!  I am free to choose how my life goes!  We can ALL be free to choose how our life goes.

Just as I was writing this, I received one of my morning texts with a Zig Ziglar quote.  I know that I use his quotes often, but they are so timely for me! This one is perfect.

“If you take the train off the tracks, it’s free, but it can’t go anywhere.”  -Zig Ziglar

I am free to take myself off the tracks or free to stay on the tracks.  I choose to stay on the track.  *I* choose, no one else is choosing for me because I am in charge of me today, and I love it!  I would love to hear your thoughts.  It is easy to post, just click on the reply button at the bottom.  You do not have to be public with your thoughts as I am, but try writing your thoughts for one week – you might be amazed at what you see in writing!

AffirMINTion:  I am free to be me.

Make it a GREAT day, IF you choose to.

Life is good!

PS  I am going to continue to keep a food journal and posting it until it is a habit, but I am not posting details.

1 thought on “Taking Charge of The Mint!”

  1. I’m Happy to hear you are taking your annual checkups seriously. I do and have for many years now. Uterine, ovarian and breast cancer are serious stuff and not to be ignored. They can be fought if we know timely we have to fight. Annual physicals that check in on cardiac, cholesterol, thyroid, liver and kidney function are fast, easy and oh so very important. I actually LOVE the feeling I get when I leave the office with another clean bill of health thank God. It gives me great peace of mind and another opportunity for gratitude and praise. The days I’ve learned that there is something I need to fight are the days I beg for strength, don my armor and fight diligently.

    The way I see it, Deb, is that we have been given this one vessel to experience and enjoy this world. We are stewards of these masterfully designed vessels and, therefore, own a responsibility to care for them with tenderness and love.

    I love you, Kiddo, and may have said enough for today. 🙂

    “Most people, even though they don’t know it, are asleep… They never understand the loveliness and the beauty of this thing that we call human experience.” -Father Anthony de Mello

    PS. I only did 5200 steps yesterday. LOL

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