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Journaling in Mintdom!

09/11/09 – 4,988

Food Journal – No

09/12/09 – No Data

Food Journal – No

Good morning Mintdom!

Welcome to the Weekend Edition

Hmmmm, looking at my stats this morning and for the last week, it looks like I might be on a slow decline.  I only did intentional exercise two times, and to be honest, I do not know where my food journal is at this moment.  Even though I had a bad knee week, there are other exercises that I can do other than walking. Last week was a very intense week and work, and this week, it will probably be the same, and intentional exercise would probably have helped me.  Yesterday, would have been a perfect day to get out and do some sort of exercise; however, I chose to stay home.  Having said all of that, there IS good news to all of this.  The good news is that I KNOW all of that because I wrote it all down this week. The other piece of good news is that I had a 10,000-step day last week.  In addition, I went to the doctor and have an appointment on Thursday for my annual checkup.  Can you see the beauty in journaling?

I imagine that many of you are thinking that journaling is too much work, or you do not like writing.  There are many ways to journal, and some do not even include writing.  For instance, I keep a calendar journal.  My daughter Patsi made it for me and each month is a different array of photos of my grandchildren.  I am enclosing a photo of my July and August Calendar Journals.

July Calendar

August Calendar

As you can see, it I have a simple system and it takes me less then a minute to write it down.  I started counting the days when I was doing and I restarted when it ended.  I make a line for each day (I do not know what happened in that one week that is blank) and I make an X when I walk on purpose.  I have not come up with a system for days that I do other kinds of exercise – I need to.  Occasionally I write some happening, like whether my knee is bad or if I am sick.  Anyway, you can decide on your own system.  My point is that journaling does not have to be difficult or time consuming.  It can be as simple as this calendar journal or as complicated as a blog.  I do have other kinds of journals.  I have a celebration journal, prayer journal, a regular journal (this one has taken a back seat to Mintdom) and a 4 Vitals / 10 AccomplishMINTs journal.

Speaking of journaling, there is a new feature on  I figured out how to put up a poll!  I think I will do a new poll each week, or maybe each month.  I should do a poll to find out which you prefer LOL!  Sometimes I just crack myself up, although I am easy (but not cheap).  Please check it out and let me know what you all think.

I want to tell you one more thing before I sign off today.  Guess what I found when I went to scan my calendar journal so I could post it?  Yep – I found my Food Journal – it was in the copier!  I guess that I have no excuse to write in it now.

Make it a GREAT day, IF you choose to.

Life is good!

PS  I think many of us are wondering how the newest Mint, (or should we call him tic-tac) Luke Alexander et al are doing

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