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The Mint’s Rubber Tree Plant

09/17/09 – 3,199

Food Journal – No

Good morning Mintdom!

I had another low step day.  <sigh>  I am noticing that I have too many sitting down jobs.  Of course, it certainly does not help that I have not been going out in the mornings.  This is the last morning that I do not go out.  Does it ever seem to you that it is difficult to focus on all areas of your life at once?  All areas to me are spiritual, family, business, financial, and personal.  Even if I push myself, at least two or three suffer at any given time.

“Be not afraid of going slowly; be afraid only of standing still.” –Chinese Proverb

In the past, this would be the time, is when I would get down on myself for not making enough progress.  Today, I remind myself that I am a failure ONLY if I quit!  I have no plans of doing that.  Remember that song about ‘the rubber tree plant’ – called High Hopes.  I DO have ‘high hopes’ that I can move MY rubber tree plant!  I think that my retreat on Sunday will give my engine a little extra strength and vision to do just that!

AffirMINTion:  I have high hopes for a healthy, balanced life!

Make it a GREAT day, IF you choose to.

Life is good!

river creek

By the Potomac in River Creek, Leesburg, Virginia

2 thoughts on “The Mint’s Rubber Tree Plant”

  1. Deb – You do not lack enthusiasm! I admire your positive attitude. Thanks for sharing and saying what most of us are afraid to know about ourselves. You are the most REAL person I know who can put themselves out there and see the positive no-matter what. You give me encouragement in a world that occasionally makes me feel indifferent. LOVE YOU. Michelle

  2. Okay Madame Mint! You know how there is such a thing as midnight mass? If you ever cannot sleep -like me – I’d really like to log onto MintAfterDark! or MINTnightMadness and read a late-night mintism! Not that I want YOU to lose sleep, but just in case you are up! Just a thought…and I already will miss you on your Mint Retreat on Sunday but what a grand example you are to all of us! (to take care and nurture yourself) Though I’m the first to sign up for a MINT-reTreat if ever!)

    Let me take this moment to encourage all who email to the Mint personally (as I sometimes do) – to post your thoughts/writings here on her blog! You know the ripple effect of transparency and the positive attitude of the Mint? – well I think we can contribute by writing our thoughts, responses, our dreams, our frustrations, or humor (which goes a long long way in Mintdom) etc – on her blog. short and sweet, long and hard, we are all in the Mintdom family together right?!!!
    just a thought! what do you think? (I feel really corny here but I’m starting first)

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