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Minty Choices!

09/21/09 – 4,979

Food Journal – Yes

Good morning Mintdom!

I did not reach my goal yesterday.  grrrr I have all these reasons (excuses) why I did not make my comMINTment yesterday.  I had Toastmasters (early morning), Mondays are busy doing paperwork catch up from the weekend (my job), I had dinner out with my family (family ((fun)) obligation), and I watched Dancing with the Stars (DWS) with my sister over the phone (just pure enjoyment).  None of that matter though, because, the REAL reason that I did not make my step goal yesterday was because I made other choices.  I chose each one of those things.  Now, I DO have to work, and I am unable to exercise, write Mintdom AND go to Toastmasters.  I DID go for a short walk after I got home, but I was anxious to settle down to watch DWS.  Instead of watching DWS, I could have been actually dancing!  Can you see how I have no excuse for not getting my steps up there?  I had less then 2,000 steps to go.  I am not beating myself up about it.  I am just learning about some of the pitfalls on this journey.  I can see how I could think that I have excuses, when I only have choices. Next Monday, I will try choosing differently.

“The way to succeed is to never quit.  That’s it.” -Alex Hailey

Now this morning, I chose to try Yoga.  Wow – I am so much more inflexible then my mind thinks I am!  I think tomorrow though, I will walk in the morning and do the Yoga at night.  I am recording it.  I did not think that I am a Yoga person, but I DO like the instructor Steve Ross; he keeps it simple.  The name of the show Inhale and it is on the Oxygen channel.  His Website is  Anyway, I have discovered a new thing about my body – it does not match my mind! I know that I can catch my body up with my mind if I stay focused, and not give up!

Today, notice all the choices you make.  Are they healthy choices?  If you look back on your day, would you change any of your choices?  Have you learned anything about yourself?  Please feel free to share here or visit  We cannot only learn from our daily choices, we can also learn from others.

If no one has told you lately that they love you – I love you guys!

AffirMINTion:  I make healthy choices.

Make it a GREAT day, IF you choose to.

Life is good!Minty

4 thoughts on “Minty Choices!”

  1. You know,

    if you invited becky over for DWS, you both could walk around the block during commercials! Just hit pause before you leave!

  2. That is a GREAT idea!!! As soon as Grammie and Papa get back they can join us! Did you know that Grammie is wearing a pedometer now??? That is so cool!

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