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What Matters Most!

09/29/09 – 6,348

Food Journal – Yes

11-Knee Exercises – 4

Good morning Mintdom!

I only did four out of the 11 exercises yesterday; however, I DID LQQK at the rest of them.  LOL!  I also went over my 6,000-step goal so as you can see, I was on the move yesterday.  I feel good about the day.  I feel good about my program.  Through Mintdom, Weight Watchers and Spark People, my program is getting deeper.

It is not just about the physical aspect of my program; it is about the emotional and mental part too.  One of the benefits of regular exercise is that I feel better in general.  I have more energy; I am more focused, and less stressed.  In addition, as I go through this journey, I am forming new relationships with people who focus on their health and overall well-being too.

The other day, I asked for ideas for non-food rewards. One of my new friends wrote the following:  “Personal rewards for me are ‘scheduling’ time with girlfriends…be it coffee, lunch…walking or just even to give my permission to sit and chat!”  Then she went on to write what I think is worthy of the quote for the day.

“Relationships are what keep us connected…to what really matters in life!”

–Mary L. (Hospice worker)

I know that most people would say that Mary deals with death everyday so she understands what matters in life.  I say that Mary deals with LIFE everyday so she understands what matters in life and I agree with her – our connections with others is what really adds to our overall well-being and it is what matters in life!

daisiesSpeaking of important relationships today is my Mom’s birthday. I am blessed to have the BEST mom in the whole world!  My mom (and Nancy, Becky, Jeff, and Jon’s mom too) can be as fierce as a lion (if anyone hurts her kids) and as soft as a lamb (if any of her kids get hurt).  Mom is there for us through our mistakes, and there for us through our triumphs; sometimes our mistakes turn out to be our greatest triumphs. Mom is there when we are sick and when we are well.  Mom is our teacher, our encourager, and our example of grace under extreme pressure.  Mom is beautiful inside and out and a one in a gazillion Mom.  Happy birthday Mom, I hope your day is filled with love and laughter.  I love you, Mom xoxoxoxo

One in a Gazillion
One in a Gazillion

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