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Mint Board!

09/30/09 – 4,069

Food Journal – Yes

11-Knee Exercises – 2

Good morning Mintdom!

Track, Track, Track Track, Track!  I know that I probably said it before and I am not complaining, but I swear, I track almost everything in my life.  OK, that is a lie – I AM complaining (switching my ‘complaint free world band’ wrists). Oh yea… I keep track of when I complain too.  (Trying to break that habit)  Let me tell you what I keep track of.

1.  My steps each day

2.  My food (not only what I eat, but now I am measuring my food)

3.  My knee exercises

4.  My weight

5.  My goals (I set goals in five areas: spiritual, family, business, financial and personal)

6.  My accomplishMINTs

7.  My cardio

8.  Whether I save $1 per day

9.  My budget

10. How many books I read

11. Lead generation

12. Whether I stretch before and after exercise

13. As I said above, tracking how long it takes me to put 21 days together of complaint free days

(Is complaining holding you back from the things that you want in life; get your complaint free world band and/or widget by visiting

Now this list is the things that I actually write down. I felt the complaint creep up on me last night as I was doing those exercises, and it brewed into a bubbling mess until this morning.  Then I read the following quote.

“You have to measure what you want more of.”  -Charles Coonradt (Founder, The Game of Work)

“You have to measure what you want more of,” he says.  Well, I DO want good health, I DO want a balanced life, and I DO want more money.  (At first, I wrote that I wanted to be rich and I changed it because I already am rich. I am rich in the love of my family and friends, I have a job that I LOVE, and I am as happy as I have ever been – now THAT is rich!) So from now on, I am going to change my attitude and instead of calling it tracking, I am going to name it scores.  So now, ever morning, I will be calling the top of my post, The Mint’s Scoreboard – no, I will call it the MINTboard; that way it seems more like a game.  I have a Weight Watcher friend that has lost a lot of weight by making it into a game.  I am going to take her lead.  You know the saying, “If you want what I have, you have to do what I do.”  I want what she has!

I think that the October Poll will have to do with keeping score – stay tuned for that!

AffirMINTion:  I keep score in order to achieve my goals!

Make it a GREAT day, IF you choose to.

Life is good!

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