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Motors and Anchors

10/18/09 – 3,483

Food Journal – Yes

Good morning Mintdom!

I am back!  I missed all of you.  This will be short because I have Toastmasters this morning, but I wanted to tell you that while I was away, I had a couple of Ah-Ha moments.  The first one is that after 7 years of dealing with Hypothyroidism, (underactive thyroid) I had not really come to terms with it.  (Rolling eyes)  In some cases, I am such a slow learner. Although I do take my medication, and go to the doctor (at the last minute when I HAVE to in order to get my prescription refilled), I have not truly embraced it.  After all these years, I have not even studied it; I plan to now.  I have not read articles about it and have not geared my eating and/or exercise habits towards it since the diagnosis. I started this weekend.  Stay tuned, Toastmasters, for when I do my Research Speech (taking my cue from Lovely). It is a freedom to come into acceptance of this, and the only way to move forward towards a healthy life.

“There are two types of people – anchors and motors.  You want to lose the anchors and get with the motors because the motors are going somewhere and they are having more fun.  The anchors will just weigh you down.”  -Wyland (World-renowned Marine artist)

My second Ah-Ha moment was when I looked around at the team of people that I was working with this weekend; I noticed that I DO hang out with motors.  Of course, our fearless leader is like a race boat with a huge horse powered engine that uses a very high-octane gasoline!  LOL!  Anyway, whether you are a high-powered race boat or a trolling engine, I love and appreciate you all!

OK… this was not that short – ha ha

AffirMINTion:  I enjoy hanging out with all the motors in my life!

Make it a GREAT day, IF you choose to.

Life is good!

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