AffirMINTion, Health and Fitness, Mintdom, Weekend Edition

RecomMINTing Again!

10/29/09 – 6,945 Steps

Food Journal – No


10/30/09 – 2,900 Steps

Food Journal – Yes


Good morning Mintdom,


I am back from my vacation.  I caught up with my relatives and met new friends. I had a wonderful time and I am happy to be home too. I am recomMINTing again (is that an oxymoron? LOL) to getting my exercise in AND eating right.  Being overweight is so not fun; however, traveling and being overweight is horrid!  Walking through the airports with a computer and a big purse slung over my shoulder was painful at times.  I DID use the people movers, but I walked them. It was so late on my return, that the shuttle was not operating and we all had to walk.  If walking through the airport was physically painful, then sitting on the plane was emotionally painful.  I am telling you that I REFUSE to get on another plane at the weight I am now. I am sure that most people take it for granted that they fit in the seat with room to spare, and when they fasten their seatbelt, there is a foot left over!  It is disheartening to put down the tray table in front of you and find that there is no space between you and it. When I get down to a healthy weight, I will NEVER take sitting in an airplane seat for granted.


As painful as my travel was, I am happy that I had this experience because today, I am more comMINTed then ever to my health.  I am going to start carrying a picture of a plane wherever I go to remind me of this experience.  Each time that I think that I would rather stay in bed instead of going to exercise, I need to think about my travels.  I need to think about my travels when I am ordering food at a restaurant, when I am planning my meals, and grocery shopping.  This was a GREAT lesson for me.


You have to love Lou Holtz!

“If you don’t make a total commitment to whatever you’re doing, then you start looking to bail out the first time the boat starts leaking. It’s tough enough getting that boat to shore with everybody rowing, let alone when a guy stands up and starts putting his life jacket on.”  –Lou Holtz

AffirMINTion:  I am totally committed to exercising and eating for my health!


Make it a GREAT day, IF you choose to.


Life is good!


6 thoughts on “RecomMINTing Again!”

  1. First – of course we miss you – it was special having you here all to ourselves!
    I admire your resolve Deborah – and I know that you will lick this weight problem, because you ARE comMINTed to do exactly that.
    Whatever I can do to help – let me know! One thing I can get a new pedometer and we can compare our progress! xoxo

    1. Yes – you need a new pedoMINTer and when you get back – I will come over and walk with you on the weekends!

      I love you, Mom xoxoxo

  2. At the risk of sounding sentiMintal, I want to say we miss the way your brighten the room, especially when the skies are grey. The good news is, you no doubt brightened the life of those with whom you spoke during your 15 hour return trip to Virginia.

    Also, while I admire your committment to diet and excersize after your airplane exprience, I also fault the Delta Airlines stupid bean counters who get their bonus based upon the number of human adult they can squeeze into the tourist section.

    But…as usual…you found a way to make leonade out of lemons

    Love, Dad*

    *excpet on Halloween. Then I put on my President Obama Mask so I can continue his custome of handing out goodiesto everyone, except the folks at Fox News.

    1. I miss you too!

      I loved being at the lake with you.

      It was so much fun to watch you play the penguins and WIN!!!

      Thanks for the GREAT learning lesson at the networking event and presentation! It is an honor to network with the BEST!

      I love you, Dad xoxoxo

  3. Dont know if you got my last message as it gave me some funny message but that is ok. Obama Bob must have played a trick on me.Keep up the good work on the steps and wish we could go to the gym together but maybe next summer. Thanks for the advice and love some of the sites you suggest. Sun is shining on Brrrmiji and no snow. 12 inches at cousin’s lake place last Friday, think positive.

  4. Speaking of being good to yourself, I missed a phonecall that had to do w/ my upcoming event and I was out exercising of all things. I told them I was like the scarecrow, you know, if I only had a brain? Anyway it was not about my physical appearance, anyway. Ha. Keep up the good work exercising and keep blogging.

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