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Traveling with The Mint!

11/25/09 – 5,224 Steps

11/26/09 – 5,627 Steps

11/27/09 – 6,423 Steps

11/28/09 – No Data (pedometer)

11/29/09 – 4,530 Steps


Good morning Mintdom,


I took an unannounced break during Thanksgiving; it was great, AND I am happy to be back.  I have Toastmasters this morning so this will be short.  I had a nice holiday.  I spent three nights at my sister’s house pre holiday and over the holiday.  I am so fortunate to have a close family, and I love spending time with my mom and my sisters.  While I was away, my dad worked on my mouse problem.  The mouse is either smarter then peanut butter or left when it heard that I was bringing in my hit man!  LOL!  In any case, I am hoping it is gone. 


I did keep track of my steps, and made a stab at keeping a food journal, but did not keep track of keeping track! LOL!  It is all good.  I learned some good stretches from my sister, and I think it is already helping my back (I had a growing back pain issue over the holiday, hence the low step counts).  Knee and back problems – yikes – I better hurry and get healthy!


“Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishMINTs.” –Jim Rohn


Well, I do not think that Jim Rohn called them accomplishMINTs, but I could not resist! I would like to add that discipline also gives you stability. Although, I loved my little vacation – it is good to wake up this morning, knowing exactly what I needed to do.  I already did my stretches, took a shower, almost finished writing Mintdom, and then I will be off to Toastmasters.  What a wonderful way to start my day.


AffirMINTion: **I love my journey!


Make it a GREAT day, IF you choose to.


Life is good.


** Hint:  I write my AffirMINTions on 3×5 cards; they are great reminders.  I have them at work, home and normally in my purse.


Happy Birthday to our fearless leader, Tipper Williams!  I am fortunate to be able to include Tipper as one of my friends.  Tipper is one of the smartest, energetic, bold, professional, most beautiful, and fun women I know.  Tipper is the director of the Virginia Region of Keller Williams Realty. She has already made a HUGE impact in Virginia and Tipper has only just begun – Stay Tuned.  I hope for a day filled with lots of love and laughter – happy birthday, Tipper.

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