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Every Day is an Important Day!

11/30/09 – 7,485 Steps

Food Journal – Yes


Good morning Mintdom,


I had a good step-day yesterday; in fact, I had a great day overall yesterday.  My Toastmasters group was exceptional, I had a productive day at work, I ate well, and I went to Wegmans twice!  In fact going to Wegmans the second time was the best part of my day!  It was the best part because it helped me get my steps up in the 7,000 range, but really, it was because I had dinner with my parents there and gave them a tour of the store. Hard to believe that anyone could be excited about a grocery store, but even my dad liked it!  Of course, the best of the best part was spending time with my parents.  We had dinner at the seafood (not see food LOL) bar (yes, it is right in the middle of the store).  I had one of the best pieces of salmon I have ever tasted! Going to a grocery store might seem unimportant, but to me, it is a sweet memory with my parents, and a contribution to my health, which makes yesterday an important day. 


“There is no such thing in anyone’s life as an unimportant day.” –Alexander Woolcott


There are so many times that I will eat something that I know is not part of my healthy diet, thinking – just this one time – tomorrow I will do better or not do some form of intentional exercise with that same thought in my mind because I think that one day will not matter.  After reading Woollcott’s quote, I no longer believe that there is an unimportant day, and along those lines, there is no such thing as an unimportant action.


AffirMINTion: Today is an important day, and my actions count!


Make it a GREAT day, IF you choose to.


Life is good!

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