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Refocused and Ready to Tackle the Day!

01/11/10 – 7,001 Steps

 Good morning Mintdom,

 Phew, I just barely made it to 7,000 steps. Last night I went to Wegmans (large grocery store) to pick up a few things, and even though I had a list, I forgot an important item – popcorn! Since I had popcorn in my food plan for the night, I went back to get it. I think that, that helped. I STILL had to walk in place to push it over the edge. Anyway, I made it!

 “Our thoughts create our reality – where we put our focus is the direction we tend to go.” ~ Peter McWilliams ~

 Between the office move and the holidays, I got off track a bit; that is no longer the case and it feels good. I swear that writing this blog has helped me tremendously, and it is because of you! It would be hard to write and not get back on track too! What do you do to stay focused or to remain focused? I would love to hear your thoughts. Feel free to post them on

 Speaking of accomplishments, this will make you want to get up and do something – anything!


 AffirMINTion: I am focused and ready to tackle anything!

 Make it a GREAT day, IF you choose to.

 What are you waiting for?

 Life is good!

1 thought on “Refocused and Ready to Tackle the Day!”

  1. You asked what keeps me focused or motivated? M I N T D O M! Mintdom! Mintdom is my friend! Thanks for the high energy attitude and for that crazy jumping kid! Makes me want to jump and shout! M I N T D O M! Mintdom Mintdom is my friend!

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