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‘Balcony People’

01/29/10 – 6,396 Steps

 01/30/10 – 2,643 Steps

01/31/10 – 4,563 Steps

 02/01/10 – 6,382 Steps

Good morning Mintdom,

Has it really been four days since I wrote last? Yikes! I have not been sleeping well lately; therefore, I have been sleeping in. This morning, I am trying a “new tack – getting up!  LOL 

During the retreat I attended, I received a nice little book, called Balcony People by Joyce Landorf Heatherley. Balcony People are the people in your life that you look up to (hence the term Balcony People). They are also people that encourage you, affirm you, and lift you up along the way. Since the retreat, I am beginning to identify the Balcony People in my life. My Balcony People include family members, friends, and people that I work with and others that I would like to get to know better. Here is an excerpt from the book that is helping me identify the Balcony People in my life.



“Each of us has a weakness from which we run, a love which we hesitate to share, a need to receive, a need for the growth of gentleness, a need for the fact of reconciliation.

 We are at times fragile needing support; weak needing strength; frightened needing assurance, lonely needing companionship; isolated needing other believers; sinful needing forgiveness and grace; fearful needing the calming love of God, sick worn, burned out needing a healing”



Obviously, the author of Balcony People comes from a Christian perspective, but you do not have to be a Christian to find direction in this passage. In addition, there is no one person on earth that can be all of this to me – I need many Balcony People – LOL!


 Who are the Balcony People in YOUR life? Are YOU a Balcony Person to others?

 AffirMINTion: I know who the Balcony People are in my life and I am a Balcony Person to others. 

Make it a GREAT day, IF you choose to.

 What are you waiting for?

 Life is good!

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