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Forming Habits that Form Me!

03/09/10 – 6,697 Steps

 Day 9

 Good morning Mintdom,

 I love it when I come across something new! I came across a video this morning, and although I could only listen to it, a couple of times before becoming annoyed it is all I needed for the message to stick in my head. I am definitely going to ‘Get My Five’ today. I love the Tomato!

 “First we form habits, and then they form us.” – Rob Gilbert

 Having healthy eating habits will definitely help form my body into a better shape, and eating five-a-day as it is recommended, is part of healthy eating. How do you get in the recommended five a day?

 AffirMINTion: I love to eat healthy foods!

 Make it a GREAT day, IF you choose to.

 What are you waiting for?

 Life is good!

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