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Bad News – Good News

06/04/10 – 4,858 Steps

06/05/10 – 8,242 Steps
45 minutes exercise

06/06/10 – 6,263 Steps
40 minutes exercise

I have bad news and good news this morning.  In my family, we generally do the bad news first so we end on the good news.  The bad news is that my dad has contracted Lyme’s Disease.  He is very sick right now, but they did catch it early and he is on antibiotics already.  His general health is good too (he still fits in his army uniform and works out daily) so I am sure that will help him.  Still, please keep him in your prayers and if you have any good resources for Lyme’s Disease, please let me know.

“In health there is freedom.  Health is the first of all liberties.” –Henri Frederic Amiel

OK… now the good news. Last week, I almost swam the length of the pool; yesterday, I DID make it the whole length of the pool – THREE times!  It was not three times in a row, but I swam the lap in less then a minute!  I ended up burning 350 calories in 40 minutes, which for me is very good. I am excited! Tonight I have water aerobics, but I think I will go early and get some swimming in first.  Need to practice until I can do two laps in a row. 

The other good news that I have is that I got an evaluation after my six weeks of training.  Even though I only lost four pounds, I lost (cannot remember exact number) inches, 6.1% of body fat, and gained 12 pounds of lean muscle mass.  That actually gave me hope and the motivation to continue working hard.

Henri Frederic Amiel is right – our freedom depends on our health; the healthier I get, the more freedom I experience.  For the rest of the month, I am dedicating all my exercise to my dad who is one of my best examples of living a healthy lifestyle. Here is to your speedy recovery, Dad!  I love you.

AffirMINTion: I am vigilant about living a healthy lifestyle

Make it a GREAT day, IF you choose to.

What are you waiting for?

Life is good!

2 thoughts on “Bad News – Good News”

  1. You are so right Deborah about freedom being dependent on our health! And I will second the fact that our Dad is the BEST example for prioritizing his health! Thanks Dad! xo!

  2. Also Deb! Seeing how you are on your journey to good health – may I suggest you also post the number of glasses of water you consumed the previous day? (along with your steps and exercise stats)

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