Minty Mondays: A 9/11 Lesson

Posted by The Mint on September 12, 2011


A Mini Minty MoMINT

My mom says… the beautiful 9/11 memorials are reminder for us never to forget that day; it also celebrates the lives of those who died that day and a reminder to all of us to cherish our lives and our loved ones… AND I LIKE IT!


Life is Minty Fresh!












Good morning Mintdom,

Ten years ago today, the day after 9/11, I spent on my couch, glued to the TV; in fact, I spent the next couple of days like that. Our office remained closed until after the weekend. For the next couple of weeks there were several scares, but eventually things got back to a normal routine, a new normal routine, with heightened security in our building and around Washington, DC. I was grateful to be back at work and living my life.
One of the lessons that 9/11 taught me was to cherish my life, my loved ones, and my country. Our whole life could change in a flash. What was a lesson you learned from that day, ten years ago?
AffirMINTion: I cherish my life, my loved ones and my country every day!
Make it a GREAT day, IF you choose to.
What are you waiting for?
Life is good!

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