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It’s Minty Monday Time!


A Mini Minty MoMINT

“In all planning you make a list and you set priorities.“ – Alan Lakein

My mom says… she loves spending time with me… AND I LIKE IT!

Life is Minty Fresh!

My Mom even spends time with me in the car!


Good morning Mintdom!

I know that I am on a time kick; it is because I keep seeing photos, quotes and articles on time, therefore I am going with it! LOL!

Do you ever think that there is not enough time in the day? I know that there are those days when I think that I just do not have enough time to do what I want to do. When I honestly look back on that kind of day, I can see where I wasted time even though I sure seemed very busy!

“It’s not enough to be busy, so are the ants. The question is, what are we busy about?” – Henry David Thoreau

I love quote by Henry Thoreau because I know when I set my priorities in advance for the day, I can get a lot accomplished. I even have time left over to spend any way that I like!

One thing you can’t recycle is wasted time.” – Author Unknown

The next time that the thought comes to your mind that you do not have enough time in the day, take a look back and prioritize your To-Do List OR make and prioritize your list BEFORE your day starts slipping away.

AffirMINTion: I make the most of my 24 hours each day!

Make it a GREAT day, IF you choose to.

What are you waiting for?

Life is good!


2 thoughts on “It’s Minty Monday Time!”

  1. You’re back with words of wisdom!
    And Minty looks sweet in that picture!
    You always have great quotes. I have a pink floyd lyric that’s appropriate this week..
    “Every year is getting shorter
    Never seem to find the time
    Plans that either come to naught
    Or half a page of scribbled lines”

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