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I Am Not Yogurt Fan – Sooo… Why Do I Buy it?

January 30, 2013

Good morning, Mintdom!

Many of you know that I attend Weight Watchers. Last night there was a discussion about small things that we can do during the week in order to have a good week. I told the group that I buy yogurt, even though I do not like it. The instructor asked, “Why in the world would you buy something that you do not like”. My response was that I buy it to self-regulate. If I have snacks that I do not love, I will not eat that much. Voila – instant portion control! It is a small thing and helps me in a great way; however, I bet you will not see it in any diet books!

 “If you can’t do great things, do small things in a great way.” ― Napoleon Hill

Do you have any small things that you do that help you in a great way to live a better life?

AffirMINTion: I do small things that improve my life.

Make it a GREAT day, IF you choose to.

What are you waiting for?

Life is good!

A Mini Minty MoMINT

My mom says… I am little, I am GREAT… and I LIKE it!

Life is Minty Fresh!
Great Things - Small Packagexoxo

Great things come in small packages

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