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You Are Special!

February 13, 2013

Good morning Mintdom,

My good friend Deb Saunders wrote and published one of my favorite books. I keep it on hand so it is readily available to read. The name of the book is, ‘The Path to the Springs – A Collection of Poems & Reflections on Spiritual Refreshment’ and it delivers on its promise of ‘Spiritual Refreshment’. I am a Christian; however, I do not believe you have to be a Christian to enjoy it and to feel refreshed. The poem titled, ‘Now’ is one of my favorites.


You are special now
God has made you in a special way
You are special
Now is the time to know
How special you are.
Yes, you are special now.
And remember,
It is always now.

Boggs Saunders, Debra. “The Path to the Springs: A Collection of Poems & Reflections on Spiritual Refreshment, 2009. Leesburg, Virginia “Excerpt: Book.”

Each one of us is special just as we are right now. We have special gifts and talents that we can share with others. I can tell you at least two of my gifts although one can be annoying to others at times. I have the gift of cheerfulness and positivity. This can be annoying to others when they would rather stay angry or negative. I have a girlfriend who tells me on occasion to put my pink pom poms away! One of my talents is that I am a good student. I love to learn!

My question to you this morning is, “What makes you special?”

AffirMINTion: I know that I am special – Now

Make it a GREAT day, IF you choose to.

What are you waiting for?

Life is good!

PS. Debra’s book is available on – buy one for yourself and one for a Special friend.

A Mini Minty MoMINT

 My mom says… I am a Love Puppy…. and I LIKE IT!

 Life is Minty Fresh!

love puppy


Happy Valentines Day on Thursday!

2 thoughts on “You Are Special!”

  1. Remember that sign outside the restaurant: Free Lunch Tomorrow?

    I feel the same way about chosing to be happy today…. and sad tomorrow.

    Works for me.

    Love, Dad

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