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I originally said that this blog started with Greta Van Susteren with Fox News, but that is not true.  I would not have the ‘The Mint’ nickname had it not been for my beautiful and genius-brander sister, and boss, Nancy Yahner!   I started working with Nancy, over four years ago, and as I talked with our clients, vendors and other agents, Nancy kept saying to me, “You are like the mint on the pillow.”  We would laugh.  When I got my business cards, Nancy suggested that I put that title on my business card.  After four years of working with Nancy, and Networking, and working with our TYG community, my nickname has shortened.  Now, whenever people need something, you will hear, “Call The Mint.”  Therefore, even though Greta started my good morning notes, Nancy is the person that created ‘The Mint’.

This blog started in a round about way in June when I participated in an experiment by Greta Van Susteren with Fox News.  There were five of us participating in what started as a competition between us, and ended more as a competition with ourselves.  We wore pedometers, and reported our steps to Greta’s assistant for 7 days short of the 30 days that was originally committed.
During the experiment, I copied my reports to family and friends.  When the experiment abruptly ended, they asked to continue.  So this is the start of Mintdom.


9 thoughts on “About (New)”

  1. Hey! Your fans spoke and you listened! This ought to be fun Deb! Thanks for taking the time to start each or our days out on the right track! I look forward to many good mornings with you! xo ~ B

  2. AllthingsMINT, unitedMINTdom, Mintythoughts, Mintideas, MINTarchy, uMINTified, MINTigrated,
    judgeMINT 🙂 , Epitome = epitoMINT,…

  3. Hey are you ever going to give credit to the person who came up with The Mint and will that person be getting any royalties when you are famous – jut curious

    1. Done! You are on the red carpet and have front row seats for the premier of my movie! Royalties? Well that is another story! LOL!!

  4. Mint: Sweet with a litlte edge; alwsays refreshing; not to; hard and not too soft;somewhat round sometimes square; Beautiful green color as in your eyes; best found on a pillow after a fun night.

    Humm..I guess that kind of defines you.

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