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It’s NEVER Too Late!

My mission is by sharing my journey towards a healthy balanced life; it will encourage and empower people to take charge of their own lives.


Good morning Mintdom,

I know that I have not been consistent about writing lately. Mainly, it is because I do not have a lot to say.  I do not have a lot to say because I have been off the wagon with my exercise and often with my diet. Of course, it is my choice not to do what I know I need to do and so I have no excuse.  The only way I can explain it, is that frustration took over my desire to be healthy.

Yesterday, I made the decision to start again. I did a few things that I believe will help me to continue.  I made the decision, I did not turn on the TV until late in the evening, and I took action by going to the pool and swimming.  I cannot tell you enough, how good it felt to be doing something; almost as good as it feels to write this morning.

Above is my mission statement; it is the reason that I write Mintdom. It is the reason why I write the good, the bad, and the ugly! I want you to know that at times I fall.  I also want you to know that when YOU fall, it is ok to get back up. It is even OK if others SEE you fall. 

I am right there with this song. . I REALLY hope that by sharing my journey with you through Mintdom it gives you strength and encouragement in your own journey.

AffirMINTion: I am determined to be healthy!

Make it a GREAT day, IF you choose to.

What are you waiting for?

Life is good!

A Mini Minty MoMINT

When the world says, “Give up,”
Hope whispers, “Try it one more time.”
~Author Unknown

My mom says that it is NEVER too late… AND I LIKE IT!

Life is Minty Fresh!

It's Never Too Late - Right?

It is Never too Late

AffirMINTion, Good Morning!, Health and Fitness, Mintdom

Choices – Choices – Choices

06/01/10 – 3,036 Steps
40 minutes of exercise

Good morning Mintdom!

Yesterday morning I packed a bag to go to the pool after work with the intention of swimming.  I got in my car and of course, I was on automatic pilot and drove right passed the pool to my house. I remembered the bag as I was pulling up to my driveway. Hmmmm… home sweet home…. my driveway got closer…. Oh…yea… it looked so good… I put my finger on the garage door opener… and thought to myself that once I go into that house, I will not want to leave again.  I drove right passed my house and went back to the pool. I made the right choice because at the pool I burned about 315 calories and I actually swam (not crawled) almost the whole length of the pool!  Tonight I will do the whole length and by the end of the month, I will be doing lengths!  I am excited at the prospect. 

“The doors we open and close each day decide the lives we life. –Flora Whittemore

What choices will you make today?

AffirMINTion:  I make good choices.

Make it a GREAT day, IF you choose to.

What are you waiting for?

Life is good!

AffirMINTion, Good Morning!, Health and Fitness, Mintdom

Mint Principle: NO EXCUSES

09/23/09 – 3,488

Food Journal – Yes

Good morning Mintdom!

Low step count yesterday because I did not walk in the morning.  Today is another story though.  If I have not said it before, I will say it now:  There are many benefits for writing a blog, and one of the most important comes from feedback.  Yesterday, I said that I would try to get my exercise / steps in after work.  Obviously that did not happen.  What DID happen however is this little note; it helped me get out of bed this morning!  I am SO writing this quote down on a 3×5 card!

May these words from my 11 year old daughter be of encouragement … (as I wake her up for an EARLY swim practice…3:45am..)

“My mind says ‘yes’ and my body says ‘no’ …I feel so much better when I listen to my mind…!!!!”

~ Katelyn ~ (11 years old)

This morning, Katelyn’s quote rang in my mind, and I got right out of bed!  Katelyn is right, I feel SO much better this morning.  This also points out the need for all of us to take charge of ourselves.  There is only one person that is responsible for the quality of our lives – that person is you (me).  If I want to be successful in anything that I choose to do, I need to take full responsibility for my life – NO EXCUSES!  This was a difficult concept for me to grasp when I first heard it, but I have learned over the years that it is the truth.  I can give you countless of success stories of people that you would think had hopeless situations. A story of a young girl that went from homeless to Harvard, or a homeless man that slept in a public bathroom with his young son that became a Wall Street Tycoon, or a young man who owns several companies, travels and speaks all over the world, who was born with no arms and no legs.  We cannot change our circumstances.  We CAN change our minds and our choices.

“You must take personal responsibility.  You cannot change the circumstances, the seasons, or the wind, but you can change yourself.”

~Jim Rohn ~ American’s foremost busienss philosopher

If you read Jack Canfield’s “The Success Principles” book you will see this theory in action.  It is a fantastic read, and I use it as a workbook!  It is now available in paperback. Or visit and sign up for Jack’s FREE 21 day mentorship course.

Jack Canfield's The Success Principles
Jack Canfield's The Success Principles

AffirMINTion:  I choose to take 100% responsibility of my life – NO Excuses!

Make it a GREAT day, IF you choose to.

Life is good!

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Minty Choices!

09/21/09 – 4,979

Food Journal – Yes

Good morning Mintdom!

I did not reach my goal yesterday.  grrrr I have all these reasons (excuses) why I did not make my comMINTment yesterday.  I had Toastmasters (early morning), Mondays are busy doing paperwork catch up from the weekend (my job), I had dinner out with my family (family ((fun)) obligation), and I watched Dancing with the Stars (DWS) with my sister over the phone (just pure enjoyment).  None of that matter though, because, the REAL reason that I did not make my step goal yesterday was because I made other choices.  I chose each one of those things.  Now, I DO have to work, and I am unable to exercise, write Mintdom AND go to Toastmasters.  I DID go for a short walk after I got home, but I was anxious to settle down to watch DWS.  Instead of watching DWS, I could have been actually dancing!  Can you see how I have no excuse for not getting my steps up there?  I had less then 2,000 steps to go.  I am not beating myself up about it.  I am just learning about some of the pitfalls on this journey.  I can see how I could think that I have excuses, when I only have choices. Next Monday, I will try choosing differently.

“The way to succeed is to never quit.  That’s it.” -Alex Hailey

Now this morning, I chose to try Yoga.  Wow – I am so much more inflexible then my mind thinks I am!  I think tomorrow though, I will walk in the morning and do the Yoga at night.  I am recording it.  I did not think that I am a Yoga person, but I DO like the instructor Steve Ross; he keeps it simple.  The name of the show Inhale and it is on the Oxygen channel.  His Website is  Anyway, I have discovered a new thing about my body – it does not match my mind! I know that I can catch my body up with my mind if I stay focused, and not give up!

Today, notice all the choices you make.  Are they healthy choices?  If you look back on your day, would you change any of your choices?  Have you learned anything about yourself?  Please feel free to share here or visit  We cannot only learn from our daily choices, we can also learn from others.

If no one has told you lately that they love you – I love you guys!

AffirMINTion:  I make healthy choices.

Make it a GREAT day, IF you choose to.

Life is good!Minty

Good Morning!, Health and Fitness

Minty Choices!

7/28/09 – 8,922

Good morning!

I had a good step day yesterday.  I walked in the morning and I walked in the evening too!  I think if I walk a little longer twice a day, I can make the 10,000 steps that ‘they’ recommend.  GyMINTY Crickets – I wish ‘they’ would recommend 5,000 steps a day – then I would be ahead of the game almost every day!  LOL!

6:00 am

It was raining this morning so I went to the gym.  I was there this morning before 6:00 am.   Yikes – what is happening to me?  Am I turning into an exercise Mint?  Whatever is happening to me, I like it.  I am happy with my choice to focus on my health.  I SO appreciate you and all my friends for the support you have given me since I started this last round a couple of months ago.  I believe that I am finally making permanent changes in my life and I can actually live with these changes!

In June, I stopped walking on the treadmill and started walking outside.  As I said, today, I went to the gym to walk on the treadmill, and guess who was there.  No one was there!  I know it was early, but still – no one????  Perhaps they would come later.  I hope so.  I cannot tell you how much this has relieved the stress in my life, and how much better I feel.

alone at gym

Zig Ziglar said, “You are free to choose, but the choices you make today will determine what you will have, be, and do in the tomorrows of your life.”

I know that I tend to look at these quotes a lot of times with my eye on business, but today, I am looking at it with an eye on all areas of my life, and in particular with my health program.  What kind of choices are you making today?  How will those choices determine your tomorrow?  Please feel free to share your thoughts here!

Make it a GREAT day, IF you choose to!

Life is good!