Good Morning!, Health and Fitness, Weekend Edition

Shuffled Up Day

07/17/09 – 5419

07/18/09 – ?219

Good morning!

Did you all miss me yesterday? Honestly, I DID think about all of you yesterday as I was going about the Mintdom, doing the work of The Mint.  I thought, “I need to go home and write my ‘Good morning, even if it is in the afternoon.”  It just did not happen PLUS I neglected to wear my pedoMINTer yesterday, so no steps to report.  Today, I put it on my pajamas!  LOL!

Of course, my day was great because I chose to make it a great day; although it did not go the way I planned it to go when I got up in the morning.  I have learned however, that one of the keys to life is to be flexible, and continue to embrace life, even when it get’s ‘shuffled up’ a little bit.  In the end, my day turned out to be a wonderful day in many ways, even with the hiccups!  I love making people happy, and I think I did that with several people yesterday including the Team Leader in our office.  I helped coordinate a clean up at a property, which made our client, a fellow agent, and my boss happy.  Best of all, I ended up with some very nice and needed furniture, and even had time to get to the pool!

I am not sure if it was really a storm or calm yesterday, but I DO know that if you are flexible, and focus on opportunities in your day, you can contribute to others’ happiness, and end up taking a nap by the pool!

“There are some things you learn best in calm, and some in storm.” – Willa Cather

Can you believe that this is actually a School of Hard Knocks?  LOL!  This is rather a primitive video, and if you can get past the quality, there are some good messages in it.

The inspiration for this song came from the writer’s brother battle with cancer. After extremely difficult chemotherapy treatments, he learned that the cancer was gone for now and that he was in remission and a 50-50 chance to survive, he had won his battle.

Simple Plan: “We wanted this video to tell his story and the ones of all cancer survivors. We want to show how strong people can be when facing adversity and hardship and how resilient the human mind and body can be. We wanted to relay a message of hope, survival and courage.”

As always, I welcome your posts on Mintdom.  Maybe you have a story or incident to share about what you learned through a storm or calm.  In any case, have a GREAT day today, IF you choose to.

Life is good!