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My Yesterday

02/02/10 – 4,974 Steps

 02/03/10 – No Data

 Good morning Mintdom, 

Yesterday was a funny day. When I woke up, there was snow on the ground; enough snow that they canceled school. When they cancel school, I do not go in to work. I did not worry though, as our technology is set up so that I can work from home. About 1:30, I decided that I needed to go out and shovel my driveway, so I e-mailed everyone that I would be back in a few minutes – ha! I was back in a minute because when I opened the door with shovel in hand, there was no snow in my driveway and the streets were just wet! LOL The back of my house was about 5 inches of snow, which is what I was looking at while I was working. 

Yesterday, I did not write Mintdom and I did not put on my pedometer;  hence I had no data to post, and what is funny about that, is I also received the ‘Consistency’ award on a site where I post my blog. LOL 

“Today’s opportunities erase yesterday’s failures.” –Gene Brown 

Of course, while I was writing this morning, a certain tune kept going through my head. I hope you enjoy

 AffirMINTion: I am excited to find today’s opportunities!

 Make it a GREAT day, IF you choose to.

 What are you waiting for?

 Life is good!