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12,385-Step AccomplishMINT!

11/05/09 – 12,385 Steps Whooo hoo!!

Food Journal – No


Good morning Mintdom,


Do you remember that song – Celebration?  I woke up this morning with that song rolling around in my head!  I made over 12,000 steps!  (Jumping up and down with glee)  This is what an active lifestyle feels like! Click this link to have this song rolling around in your head too.  It is also a GREAT song to get your morning exercises going!


Our office looks fabulous, by the end of next week, should be completely functional. Whoo hoo!   We are getting our computers hooked up on Saturday, and our printer and fax machine come on Monday. It looked wonderful for our grand opening last night and we were proud to show it off to the over 200 that attended the event.


“One of the largest influences on human beings is the people with whom you spend your time. Find a group of winners; people who celebrate success and will help you to achieve the life you desire.”Troy Fontana

Thank you to all of you for helping me to reach my goals.  I appreciate each one of you.  I would like to give a special thanks to my Weight Watcher, friend and neighbor who, by her very presence, helped keep me straight last night. I love all of you; including the friends I have not met in person, and appreciate ALL the support you give – what a fantastic group of winners!

AffirMINTion:  I celebrate my successes!

Make it a GREAT day, IF you choose to.

Life is good!

I cannot let this post go by without mentioning the tragedy in Fort Hood, TX.  My prayers go out to all the family and friends of the victims of the event.  May God wrap His loving arms around you and give you strength and a measure of comfort during this sad time.






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