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Grand Weekend in Mintdom!

11/07/09 – 7,237

Food Journal – No

11/08/09 – 7,457

Food Journal – No

Good morning Mintdom

I had a wonderful weekend!  Saturday was our last “Official” walk for our Red Shoe Campaign (we are raising $5,000 split between the local chapters of the American Red Cross and Habitat for Humanity in celebration of 20 years in business) Last Official Red Shoe Campaign Walk of 2009

After the walk, we all had a healthy breakfast, gave a tour of our new office, greeted the BEST IT people (IT Insights) who installed our new computers, and then spent the rest of the day with my family including my son and his girlfriend.

Sunday was great too, as I spent it with my son, Michael and his beautiful girlfriend.  We went to breakfast and then to the Grand Opening of Wegmans.  I have never seen so many people at a grocery store in my life!  They had two parking garages FILLED with cars.  We had to park in the farthest lot, which was good because I got more steps in.  It was cool to show that as much as we walked yesterday, I STILL did not reach 10,000 steps.  We were in Wegmans for two hours!  Still 7,000 is nothing to sneeze at and now Michael is parking at the end of the parking lot too!  After Wegmans, I went with them to a sports bar to watch the football games!  Apparently, sports fans like to watch more then one game at a time.  This was my first time, and I can see that I could expend a lot of energy doing this IF we would have a winning team, which the Redskins do not qualify.

Overall, it was a GREAT weekend, with good conversations (a couple that were intense) and experiences. What I really liked this weekend was that I could see how sharing my journey towards health is rubbing off on my family and friends in a good way!  Jeepers – I cannot tell you how wonderful that feels!

“You are a living magnet.  What you attract into your life is in harmony with your dominant thoughts.” –Brian Tracy (Leading authority on the development of human potential and personal effectiveness)

Because of this weekend, I decided to add to my mirror exercise and I am doing it in the evening before bed.  I am adding any accomplishMINTs that I had during the day, no matter how small.  It is easy to acknowledge the big accomplishMINTs and brush over the small; small accomplishMINTs add up and this way I will have even more to share! What are your dominant thoughts?  What kinds of things do you say to yourself? Try the Mirror Exercise for the next 30 days.  You can find the first directions on Mintdom by following this link. Feel free to share your accomplishMINTs on  I love you all!

AffirMINTion: I fill my life with positive thoughts!

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