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Entertaining with The Mint

12/1/09 – 5,793

Food Journal – No

Good morning Mintdom,

God sure does work in great ways in my life.  Yesterday afternoon, I made up my mind that I was not going to go to Weight Watchers (WW).  I just could not face that darn scale – UG!  I even tried making plans with my Tuesday dinner friend, but he was busy (God: 1). Then, the phone rang.  It was a woman that is in my Weight Watchers group and she was calling because she needed a ride.  Of course, I could not say no (God: 2). so I picked her up and off we went to WW. Now there is this little coupon in the back of the WW book that says that I can have one week without the scale.  I totally intended on using it.  I even brought it up to the scale opened to that page, but when I got up there, I tossed it to the instructor, and said, “Here, just tell me how much I gained.” (God: 3) How is that for positive thinking LOL?  (Even I slip into negativity on occasion).  I got up on the scale and I LOST 1.8 pounds! (God: Home Run!).  I happen to be a Christian, so I give credit to God (I blame Him too sometimes LOL) who worked through my friend Ben who was too busy for dinner.  He worked through my friend Karen who recommended me as a driver, through my new friend Linda, who needed the ride, and for the instructors at Weight Watchers who create a safe and fun environment that enabled me to get on that scale one more time.  For those of you who are not Christians, you do not have to be a Christian to know the power of positive thinking.

“There will always be times when you feel discouraged.  I too, have felt despair many times in my life, but – I do not keep a chair for it; I will not entertain it; and it is not allowed to eat from my plate.” –Claris Pinkola Estes

I need to remember this quote when the negative thoughts come into my mind.  What do you do to keep negative thoughts at bay?  I would love to hear your answers here or on Mintdom

AffirMINTion: I ONLY entertain empowering thoughts and emotions at my table!

Make it a GREAT day, IF you choose to.

Life is good!

6 thoughts on “Entertaining with The Mint”

  1. You asked what do I do to keep negative thoughts at bay? I visit Mintdom! Thank you for being so encouraging Deborah and INSPIRING too! God sure did know how to make the MINT! xo

  2. Hi all, wonderful to read all of the comments and blogging. It is very positive stuff that you present and I appreciate it. Weather turned cold up North and Grace Lake is now an ice cube. That doesn’t mean that the people are!

  3. Loved the song and do more of that. Wonder if Natalie Grant is daughter to Amy Grant? Great song you posted. Music is such a healer and love when you post songs. I will use music for therapy, also.
    The New Year is Happy here on Grace Lake! Again the temp. is -18 but the people are warm. Hope to get to warmer weather sometime this new year!

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