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Tradgedy, Gratitude, and New Life

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 Good morning Mintdom,

 It seems so trivial to me to keep track and report my steps in light of what is happening in Haiti. I cannot even fathom the devastation. I looked for quotes; it was difficult to find anything that is big enough or strong enough to express sympathy for such an overwhelming loss.

 “Living things have been doing just that for a long, long time, through every kind of disaster and setback and catastrophe. We are survivors.” ~Robert Fulghum

 We human beings are survivors, and I am sure that the people of Haiti will overcome, but it is going to take time and much help. Therefore, I would like to ask each of you to take two minutes out of your day today. The first minute please send your prayers and/or good thoughts for all of those that are suffering with injuries and/or the loss of loved ones. Take the second minute to be grateful for your life, and for the people in it.

 AffirMINTion: I am grateful for my life and for the country that I live in

 Make it a GREAT day, IF you choose to.

 What are you waiting for?

 Life is good!

 PS  There IS good news this morning. I do not have details yet, but I want to say congratulations to my friend Bruce who became a grandfather early this morning. A new life is something to celebrate no matter what is going on in the world!

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