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Overwhelmed? Do a Spreadsheet!

Streak 1: Out of bed BEFORE 6:00 am Streak 2: Track Sodium Intake
07/13/10 – 5,944 steps
8 glasses of water
Streak 1: Met: 6:15 am
Streak 2: Met: 2333 mg

07/14/10 – 7,976 Steps
8 glasses of water
Streak 1: Met: 5:55 am
Streak 2: Met: 1050 mg

Good morning Mintdom,

I am drowning in the Summer Challenge that I took on!  I had to do a spreadsheet in order to keep up need points because it is a contest! The good news is that I am tracking even more of what I am eating, and I am learning a lot. Like this one fact. See if you can answer this.  Check with Minty for the correct answer.
True or False: The only way your body can store energy from food is in the form of body fat.

“When I feel overwhelmed and my stress levels rise, I stop and step back from the situation and put the even in perspective. I always ask myself – what difference will this make in five years time? “
Catherine Pulsifer

Do you ever take on too much and get overwhelmed?  How do you cope with when/if you feel that way? 

AffirMINTion: I love good challenges!

Make it a GREAT day, IF you choose to.

What are you waiting for?

Life is good!

A Mini Minty MoMINT

Here is the answer to the health question – I am smart!

Your body can store energy from food for future use in two ways: 1) as fat and 2) as muscle fuel (called glycogen). Its first priority is to fill its glycogen tanks, because glycogen is the body’s primary source of energy for physical activity. Once your glycogen stores are filled and the rest of the body’s energy needs are covered, all the extra energy from your food will be stored as body fat.

My Mom gives me a new challenge every day, and I like it. 

Life is Minty Fresh!

Where Are My Reading Glasses? I bet Auntie Nancy has them!



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